Epoch Dragonfly 8 C30 iQ5 LE Gold Shaft

Epoch Dragonfly 8 C30 iQ5 LE Gold Shaft


The Epoch Dragonfly 8 C30 iQ5 LE Gold Shaft offers industry leading carbon fiber performance in an unresistable and limited edition gold colorway. Epoch brings this ultra clean Dragonfly 8 C30 iQ5 LE Gold Shaft with a little extra style this year. As a leading carbon fiber shaft in todays game with advanced manufacturing processes, Epoch delivers ultra light weight performance. Epoch has once again delivered an impressive shaft option for the elite attack men or midfielder with superior lightweight performance. New to the Dragonfly 8 shaft line is the introduction of Surface Veil Technology creating a new layer of protection from microscopic fractures produced from stick checks making these shafts even more durable than ever. Previously this was seen as one of the only possible downsides to carbon fiber shafts but the new Surface Veil Technology eliminates any fear of this issue. Featuring Epoch's proven 12k Intelligent Weave, the Dragonfly 8 C30 iQ5 LE Gold Shaft maximizes shot and pass energy produced when passing and shooting by strategically arranging the carbon fiber layers. Epoch proudly produces all Dragonfly 8 Shafts in the US and offers an industry leading 1-year warranty. 

- C30 profile offers concave shaft shape at the attack/midfield shaft length.

- iQ5 flex profile offers a mid-level of flex, great for adding power during passing and shooting. Recommended for more advanced players. 

- New Surface Veil Technology adds an outer layer of protection to help improve durability with a huge reduction of microscopic fractures generated while checking. 

- Epoch's 12k Intelligent Weave Technology ads targeted energy transfer to the ball while passing and shooting.

- Torque Box 2 Technology brings added stiffness to the shaft and helps snap back into its normal position while flexing when passing or shooting. 

- Industry best 1-year warranty.

- Proudly made in the USA. 

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