Epoch Dragonfly 8 C30 iQ9 LE White Shaft

Epoch Dragonfly 8 C30 iQ9 LE White Shaft


The Epoch Dragonfly 8 C30 iQ9 LE White Shaft brings a clean look to the highest performance carbon fiber shaft on the market. Epoch nailed the Dragonfly 8 C30 iQ9 LE White Shaft with ultra fresh graphics to perfectly complement the shafts high performance.  New to the Dragonfly 8 shaft line is the introduction of Surface Veil Technology creating a new layer of protection from microscopic fractures produced from stick checks making these shafts even more durable than ever. Featuring Epoch's proven 12k Intelligent Weave, the Dragonfly 8 C30 iQ5 shaft maximizes shot and pass energy produced when passing and shooting by strategically arranging the carbon fiber layers. Epoch also included their Torque Box 2 technology to increase shaft rigidity and a snap like return from flexing. To top it all off, Epoch proudly produces all Dragonfly 8 Shafts in the US and offers an industry leading 1-year warranty. 

- C30 profile offers concave shaft shape at the attack/midfield shaft length.

- iQ9 flex profile offers a more flexible profile.

- New Surface Veil Technology adds an outer layer of protection to help improve durability with a huge reduction of microscopic fractures generated while checking. 

- Epoch's 12k Intelligent Weave Technology ads targeted energy transfer to the ball while passing and shooting.

- Torque Box 2 Technology brings added stiffness to the shaft and helps snap back into its normal position while flexing when passing or shooting. 

- Industry best 1-year warranty.

- Proudly made in the USA.

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