Epoch Dragonfly 8 F30 iQ5 Lacrosse Shaft

Epoch Dragonfly 8 F30 iQ5 Lacrosse Shaft


The Epoch Dragonfly 8 F30 iQ5 Lacrosse Shaft offers the specialized faceoff midfielder the most advanced carbon fiber shaft tailored specifically for winning faceoffs. Epoch has engineered the Dragonfly 8 F30 iQ5 shaft with faceoff specific geometry that allows for more torque and leverage when battling at the X. Faceoff midfielders have trusted the F30 model for years because of its improved connection from your hands to the shaft through a catered shaft shape specifically for the faceoff position. The Dragonfly 8 F30 iQ5 uses a traditional concave shape from the bottom of the shaft until switching at about 3/4 length to Epochs signature faceoff specific geometric shape. This gives your bottom hand a wider shaft to out muscle with and your top hand a shaft designed to let you operate in the X like a surgeon allowing for a very versatile style of play. Epoch also introduced their new Surface Veil Technology with the Dragonfly 8 drastically improving on durability but adding an extra layer of protection from microscopic fractures caused by high-impact stick checks. Epoch's proven 12K Intelligent Weave Technology delivers a targeted transfer of energy from your passing and shooting mechanics to the ball increasing velocity and power. The Dragonfly 8 F30 iQ5 also utilizes Torque Box 2 Technology to offer an incredibly high strength to weight ratio and remain incredibly stiff. All of Epoch's shafts are designed and manufactured right here in the USA and are backed by an industry best 1-year warranty. 

- F30 profile designed specifically for the faceoff midfielder with optimized faceoff specific geometry.  

- iQ5 flex profile offers a more flexible profile typically used by elite players for increased shot power.  

- New Surface Veil Technology adds an outer layer of protection to help improve durability with a huge reduction of microscopic fractures generated while checking. 

- Epoch's 12k Intelligent Weave Technology delivers targeted energy transfer to the ball when passing and shooting.

- Torque Box 2 Technology maintains a high strength to weight ratio while retaining stiffness.

- Industry best 1-year warranty.

- Proudly made in the USA. 

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