Epoch Dragonfly 8 X60 iQ8 Lacrosse Shaft

Epoch Dragonfly 8 X60 iQ8 Lacrosse Shaft


The Epoch Dragonfly 8 X60 iQ8 Lacrosse Shaft brings the most advanced carbon fiber technology to the elite defenseman's hands. Designed for enhanced feel, the Dragonfly 8 X60 iQ8 Shaft uses Epoch's Xtreme Concave Shaft Shape to deliver an aggressive feel in your hands with the sturdy iQ8 flex profile. Epoch brings upgraded durability to the Dragonfly 8 X60 iQ8 shaft with new Surface Veil Technology using an additional outer layer of highly engineered protection to guard against microscopic fractures. Epoch's proven 12K Intelligent weave brings a uniform flex throughout the shaft delivering extra power on checks and passes. Utilizing Epoch's Torque Box 2 technology, this shaft has the best high strength to ultra-lightweight ratio while remaining incredibly stiff. 

- C60 profile offers concave shaft shape at the defensive shaft length.

- iQ8 flex profile offers a rigid feel at the defense length while still offering slight flex performance.

- New Surface Veil Technology adds an outer layer of protection to help improve durability with a huge reduction of microscopic fractures generated while checking. 

- Epoch's 12k Intelligent Weave Technology ads targeted energy transfer to the ball while passing and shooting.

- Torque Box 2 Technology brings added stiffness to the shaft and helps snap back into its normal position while flexing when passing or shooting. 

- Industry best 1-year warranty.

- Proudly made in the USA. 

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