Youth S

Youth S

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The Cascade S Youth Helmet is designed for the developing youth player. Offering maximum protection, the Cascade S Youth Helmet brings all the revolutionary protection from the full size S Helmet to the Youth game. 

- Cascade TRI-LINER protective technology allows for maximum and strategic protection

GEN4 EPP – Designed to protect against variable force impacts specifically towards the front of the helmet and face mask.

NV3 – Precision molded impact foam provides maximum protection towards the crown of the head.

SEVEN – Specially engineered and placed in key impact zones to compress on impact and displace impact energy laterally away from a players head.

- SUPERMONO S Shell minimizes frontal impacts while still perfectly balancing the helmet on your head

- S-Series Jaw reinforces and stiffens lower chin piece with dual-material for added protection.

- Vision Bar utilizes Cascade’s PowerPress technology to allow for more vision on the field

- Made in the USA


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