Stx Exult 500 Women's Lacrosse Complete

Stx Exult 500 Women's Lacrosse Complete


The STX Exult 500 gives you the power you need to take control of the midfield and dominate the draw.  Redesigned to give you the advantage on the draw, the New Exult 500 uses a newly improved sidewall design to hook in and help direct the ball any direction you want. Complete stick includes STX Composite 10 Degree Handle.

- 10 Degree Technology: Drives the ball to the sweet spot of the stick allowing you to have a quick release and superior feel.

- Patented Elastomer Over mold: Helps keep the ball centered in the head of the stick.

- NEW String Lock: New technology from STX that lets you lock your pocket into place so you don't ever have to worry about it bagging out!

- STX C-Channel: Reinforced sidewalls for extra stability especially in the draw!

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